Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Bring Hydrogen Use to the Masses

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power, a company developing hydrogen fuel cells, is doing something interesting with this technology. The hydrogen fuel cells available on the market right now to produce electricity from hydrogen are made for large scale applications and are very costly. However Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s fuel cells are designed specifically to be used by the residential and smaller commercial markets. This is accomplished by using components developed by Alkaline Fuel Cell Power that use mostly affordable materials, driving the overall cost down.

Currently Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is developing and prototyping their 4W system and are planning to have it ready for sale by 2027. These fuel cells are powered by hydrogen and produce electricity and heat for use in residential applications. Hydrogen fuel cells rely on a chemical reaction and not combustion in their operation, which eliminates harmful emissions and also makes them free of noise and vibration; perfect for home use!

The demand for green energy is increasing with many consumers becoming more environmentally conscious. World governments are also becoming more demanding of the energy sector to integrate clean energy and want to make hydrogen viable to the consumer market and make it a greener alternative. As a part of the initiative started by the European Union in 2020, $150 billion is to be invested into hydrogen programs. According to analysts it is possible that hydrogen will meet 24% of the world’s energy demand by 2050, by which point hydrogen’s cost will decrease by half.

Hydrogen is a great green energy alternative and does not contribute any harmful effects to the environment. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is determined to fill the demand for zero-emission technologies in the residential market with their innovative technology, which will make their fuel cell accessible as well as allow for a high volume of production.