The NIhar Gala that We Should Know of

He is Nihar Gala and he is a serial entrepreneur. His business expertise comes from all the hard work and struggles of being a small business owner for over a decade. As an entrepreneur, he can help you take your startup to the next level.

He is an entrepreneur and business owner. His first company, Zen Direct, gave him the opportunities to work with blue-chip clients like Toyota, Honda and Hyundai. Today, Nihar has grown his new venture, Equinoxx to two global offices and employs a team of over 35 people.

Business Expertise a Forte

Gala is an entrepreneur and business owner with a social conscience. In his spare time, Nihar loves to travel and play tennis. His favorite book is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho

Selling is a difficult job. It’s even harder when you have a full time job and your own business.  With the growing competition, it is important to differentiate yourself from others. His business name has been derived from his name “nihar.” He is a saaf, pure and unique person, so he wanted his name to mean the same thing.  He and his team here to stimulate your brains little bit and help your ideas grow!

This article is about a young business owner who has recently become an entrepreneur, who shared his thoughts about how to be a successful Entrepreneur.

A business owner and entrepreneur, he is an expert at growing and leading people. He creates a culture of innovation and empowerment, and has been able to take his teams from helping identify new opportunities, to creating new products.

What He Can Do for Your Business

He is a serial entrepreneur and business owner. He helps entrepreneurs and startups build their online presence and grow a real, engaged community of customers.

Meet Nihar Gala, owner and founder of Global Green Soul. In this blog post, he shares his journey to starting a company that helps the environment with everyday products that you can find in your home.

This year, the Nihar Gala turned out to be a grand success. The event brought together entrepreneurs and business owners under one roof and gave them a chance to network with others from various backgrounds.

Giving Back to His Loyal Clients

Nihar gave an honest look into the journey of a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Watch him talk about his experiences, passions, challenges and advice on how to find and unleash your inner entrepreneur.

A few days ago he was thinking about the importance of entrepreneurship and why it has become so popular, especially in this age. Because his thoughts and feelings led to something that can change the way people think and understand entrepreneurship and business, he wants to share them with the people. Sharing what he knows when it comes to business is his way of giving back to the people who believed in him and supported him, his loyal clients. He sees to it that his clients duplicate what he has done in order for them to achieve what he has achieved for himself and for his business.