What Makes Cloud Hosting One of the Most Secured Hosting Types?

Traditionally, site owners were accustomed to storing their data on a physical server – Shared or Dedicated. However, as technology evolved and other web hosting services were introduced, users started migrating to new platforms, especially Cloud-based Hosting services. But many site owners were skeptical about the security of their data since the Cloud Hosting Server network was distributed across multiple locations.

Today, we will talk about Cloud Hosting and look at the features that make it the most secured hosting type.

In Cloud Website Hosting, multiple servers host the data for your website. Many site owners were worried about losing control over their data after uploading it to the cloud. This concern was recognized by hosting companies and they developed processes that ensured transparency and control. As a result, Cloud Hosting started evolving as a preferred hosting service.

Here are the features offered by Cloud Hosting services that make them highly secure.

What makes Cloud Hosting secure?

  • A reliable Cloud Web Host offers fully Managed Cloud Hosting services where a team of technical professionals manages the security of the site. This usually includes scanning for vulnerabilities and patching them up.
  • Since Cloud Hosts understand the security concerns of site owners, they use well-configured firewalls to keep DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks at bay.
  • Cloud Hosts also use the latest antimalware and antivirus tools to identify and remove security threats to ensure uninterrupted services.
  • Data redundancy is one of the best features offered by Cloud Hosting services. When a site is hosted on a Cloud Hosting Server, its data is replicated across the cloud network. Hence, even if the data is corrupted on one server, another processes the request. This is very helpful in fighting security threats without having to deal with disruption in services.
  • Most Cloud Hosts also offer automatic daily backups of websites to further widen the safety net. Despite the security measures, if a virus or malicious code manages to infect the site, then a backup can help restore the services in no time. While site owners must take a local backup too, this feature makes Cloud Hosting more secure.

When it comes to choosing a web hosting service, it is important to remember that all hosting types have some security concerns. However, if the hosting provider implements the right measures and uses adequate tools, then most of these concerns can be addressed.

Similarly, Cloud Hosting has been designed to allow hosts to create a highly secure hosting environment for websites. However, to ensure that you get the same, you must research the hosting provider and choose the one that focuses on site security along with the other features.

The following video further explains Cloud Hosting security in detail:

Summing Up

In today’s times, a site that faces frequent security issues can lose customers and SEO ranking. Also, such sites stand the risk of losing crucial data and money (in case of ransomware). Therefore, it is important to prioritize site security while looking for a hosting plan. Every website has unique security requirements. Therefore, it is important to assess what your site needs before signing the dotted line. If you have chosen Cloud Hosting as the hosting type, then look for a provider with good reviews about site security to find the best Cloud Hosting plan for your site. Good Luck!