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Tenet Thought After Watching The Film

Tenet Thought After Watching The Film

Tenet is an action thriller produced by Warner Bros. in the United States. It is directed by Christopher Nolan and co starred by John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debbie, Michael Kane and Kenneth Branner.. The film tells the story of a special agent who is sent to perform an important task after intensive training. Finally, with the help of his partner, he successfully completes the task and saves the world. Click here to watch free Tenet full movie online, and you can also Watch Thriller Movies Online Free.

Introduction to Tenet’s Plot

A group of masked bandits broke into an opera house in Ukraine and took hostages. Their real goal was to snatch a suitcase containing mysterious substances. The protagonist and his companions disguised as special police officers also wanted to rob the suitcase, but the task failed strangely. The protagonist was “fake dead” to protect the secret. After the protagonist is saved by feigning death, he is given a new and larger task. With the help of female scientists, the protagonist learns the concept of “reverse time” from the experiment of returning the shot backward to the gun chamber, and is told that the whole world may disappear due to the reverse time technology. Since then, the protagonist no longer has an identity, joins the “tenet” organization, and becomes an anonymous person. His task is to protect the world from being destroyed against time. In order to stop Sartre’s attempt to destroy human beings, the teams led by anonymous, Neil and Kate came to Sartre’s base, completed the task by using the inverse time, destroyed the time bomb in Sartre’s hands, and finally prevented the human world from dying in the inverse time.

Tenet Review

Tenet is a hard sci-fi work. It wraps the story with the concept of physics, and based on the theory of physics, it makes a self consistent assumption and deduction of the world. “Entropy” is a very core concept in understanding tenet. Its physical meaning is a measure of the degree of system chaos. The unique operation of time constitutes the multiplicity of repetition and complexity in the narration of tenet: it has positive and negative narration, and the positive and negative narration can also converge, thus realizing the “time clamp action”. That is, let the past you and the future you arrive at the same time point and complete the same task. Such brain burning also doomed that it would shut out a large part of the audience. Tenet is quite conceptual. The main energy of the film is to restore the concept itself with the story. Therefore, although the film has been shot in seven countries on three continents, they are all reduced to the background. Some characters are only props of the concept, and the emotional motivation is relatively lacking.


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