Zonbase Review 2022 – Is it worth using this Amazon seller tool?

The growth of the online selling community in the past couple of years has been phenomenal. With the rise of online shopping, especially as a result of lockdowns and quarantine restrictions, online marketplaces such as Amazon have experienced massive growth. And more people are taking advantage of the eCommerce boom and joining the platform as sellers.

In this article, we will discuss Zonbase, one of the best Amazon seller software today. This Zonbase review will talk about the pros and cons of using Zonbase. We will also discuss the different reasons why you should use this software suite for your Amazon business.

Why Amazon Sellers Have Different Needs

If you are new to the online selling space, it is not a surprise that you chose Amazon as your platform for selling. Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world and there are so many success stories in this online platform. 

However, you should also know that there are many complex needs that you need to attend to as a seller. Your success as an online seller on Amazon relies on your ability to successfully do these tasks. Here are some of them:

Product Research

Product research is perhaps one of the most important tasks that you need to accomplish as an AMZ seller. Without doing proper product research, you could end up selling a product with little demand and very low potential.

The ability to choose the right product to sell is a skill that is honed through experience. Some software and tools can make this job easier. But the majority of the decision-making is still at the hands of the seller.

Keyword Research

Access to the right keywords is essential to your long-term survival on Amazon. With the right keywords, you can make high-quality listings that rank high on AMZ’s search engine. You will get more organic traffic without having to spend any extra dime.

With the right keywords, you can also target the best placements for PPC (pay per click) marketing. You will be able to identify the best-performing keywords that can give you more return on your investments.

Listing Optimization

Sellers need to optimize their listings in order to rank higher on search results. If you have a better listing compared to the competition, you will be given a higher priority on AMZ’s search engine rankings. And the higher ranking you’ve got, the more traffic and potential sales that you could get.

Listing optimization can be done by using the right keywords on your headlines, titles, and descriptions. Adding essential information such as UPC and ISBN can also increase your optimization score. And of course, using high-quality images is a must for AMZ sellers if you want to have good listing optimization.

What Is Zonbase?

In the previous section, we just discussed the different tasks that AMZ sellers need to accomplish. Before you even start thinking about launching your first AMZ product, you should deal with product research, keyword research, and listing optimization first. It takes a lot of time to gain the necessary experience for these important tasks. They are not easy to accomplish manually on your own.

This is where Zonbase can help you and your business out. Designed to be an all-in-one software suite that is both affordable and easy to use, Zonbase is an Amazon seller’s best friend. 

With Zonbase, you have a very potent tool that can perform all of these important tasks with just a click of a button. No more wasting precious time and money from now on. You can get a leg up on your competition if you use Zonbase as a secret weapon.

Pros of using Zonbase

Cheap and Affordable 

Unlike other software suites that lock you inside multi-year subscription models, Zonbase has a monthly subscription option that is very affordable. There is also a free trial that you can use if you want to test things out first.

All tools in one platform

No need to use different software to do different tasks. With Zonbase, you can easily access all of the tools on one platform. No need to “log in, log out” multiple times.


Zonbase is cloud-based so you won’t have to install anything on your computer anymore (except for the Zonbase Chrome Extension tool that needs to be installed on your browser). This means that you can access your account anywhere, even on a different computer.

Cons of using Zonbase

Requires a bit of a learning curve

Although there are very informative videos that can be used as a reference on how to use the tools, there is still a learning curve that you need to take note of when using this tool.

Limited searches per day on some plans

Some plans are capped and limited when it comes to searches per day. You have to pay a higher cost if you want to access more. But if you are not running hundreds of AMZ stores, it’s not going to be too much of a problem

What are the different Zonbase tools?

In this Zonbase review, we will tackle the different Zonbase tools you can access when you subscribe to this service. Here are some of them:

Product Research Tools

When it comes to product research, Zonbase has a lot of different tools to offer. One of them is Zonresearch. Zonresearch is one of the best product research tools that you can use as a seller. All you need to do is enter the ASIN of a product that is similar to the one you want to sell. After entering the ASIN, you can also use several filters to further limit the information displayed. 

Some of the filters used by Zonresearch are Minimum/Maximum Price, Monthly revenues, Number of reviews, and BSR rank. You can use the information from Zonresearch to make an educated guess about the product you want to sell.

Another tool that is handy for product research is the Hot Products tool. If you are having a hard time finding new, trending products, then this tool will let you find them with just a click of a button. It uses the info from the most-gifted products with a low number of reviews to generate its list of Hot Products.

The Chrome Extension tool is another amazing research tool. This is one of the best tools to view essential information about any product in the AMZ database. All you have to do is install the tool on your browser. Every time you go to Amazon and view a product, you can quickly view important data that you need for product research. This includes BSR (best-seller rank), monthly sales, sales history and so much more.

Keyword Research Tools

When it comes to keyword research, Zonbase also has some reliable tools. First of them is the Reverse ASIN tool. With this tool, you can spy on your competition and check out your competitor’s keyword strategy. All you need to do is enter the ASIN of your competitor using this tool. This tool will then analyze the data and display all the important keywords that your competitors are using on their listings. It even includes rank, monthly search volume, and a “smart score” that will let you know if your competitor is “beatable”.

Zonbase’s Keyword tool is also another handy tool that helps find relevant keywords that you can use for SEO-optimized listings and pay-per-click campaigns. With the Zonbase keyword tool, you can easily skyrocket your traffic with high-volume keywords.

Do-It-For-You Services

So you want to perform some tasks such as listing optimization, running PPC campaigns, and improving your listing photos. But the problem is, you don’t have the skills to do it. If that is the case, then Zonbase’s do-it-for-you services are just right for you.

Zonbase offers a do-it-for-you service where Zonbase experts will do specific tasks for you. For example, they can optimize your listings with the Listing Optimizer by improving your headlines, descriptions, and titles. They will also improve your listing’s photos with the Photo Enhancer services to help improve your conversion rates. With these services, all you need to do is relax and wait while they do everything for you.

Sales and Profits Calculator

Knowing your financial state is extremely important as a seller too. And for this reason, Zonbase also offers a Sales Estimator and Profits Calculator. Zonbase Sales Estimator can help you discover a product’s monthly sales estimate. This is to help you make proper decisions when choosing your next product to launch.

The Profits Calculator tool also calculates the profitability of the products you want to check out. This is to let you know if you are making money or losing money on products that you are selling.

Zonbase Review – Final Thoughts

As a seller, access to software suites and tools that make your job easier is essential. It will not only save you time but money as well. And in this regard, Zonbase performs great as an affordable and accessible all-in-one Amazon seller software.

Zonbase has 13+ tools and services that make it a complete package. And we have only discussed a few of its features here in this Zonbase review. If you want to learn more about Zonbase and what it can do for your business, sign up for a free trial of Zonbase today.