How IG Influencers Expand Their Reach Beyond Instagram

Some of the most successful influencers regularly expand their reach beyond Instagram, either by creating an e-commerce store or creating a product of their own. In order for this process to take place, they must first have a following and are able to create content that can be delivered in a variation of ways.

We are also seeing others separate their product line from their main account and continue to market it on their main account. In either case, the success of your online store will depend on your audience and product. No matter how influencers are growing their IG follower count, it’s something that is happening on a daily basis across a wide range of markets.

Let’s take a look at the success of Carlinhos and Negin Mirsalehi.

Negin Mirsalehi

The Netherlands-born fashion model Negin Mirsalehi has amassed a huge social media following. She first gained fame as a blogger. She later launched her own fashion beauty line, which gained positive reviews. Negin also started vlogging, which soon gained a huge audience. Her posts on Instagram included tips for making the most of makeup and beauty products. As of July 2021, Negin has 6.5 million followers.

In December 2019, Negin Mirsalehi ranked first on InfluencerDB’s list of Dutch Instagram influencers. Negin is an Iranian-Dutch fashion blogger. Her YouTube subscribers are more than 510K and she has a very pleasant personality. She works closely with other bloggers and has an active Twitter account. Although she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, her social media presence has landed her some big-time contracts.

In 2014, she began a passion project. Her father is a 6th generation beekeeper, and her mother is a hairdresser. Her father posted a picture of his bee garden on Instagram, and she immediately saw a positive response from her audience. She also began selling her haircare products infused with honey. Her followers were inspired to try them out. She also began working with her own haircare brand, Gisou, which she sells online.

Negin Mirsalehi has become a global household name through social media. Her success has earned her numerous accolades, including a Forbes European 2018 30 under 30 list. She also has a sister named Negar Mirsalehi. However, she has yet to disclose her parents’ identity or background. Mirsalehi has been a successful social media influencer for the past six years and has even turned down a six-figure deal from a major cosmetics company.

In terms of her Instagram presence, her analytics are invaluable. The data on her account show her engagement rate, a percentage of the age-gender split, and a host of other vital metrics. In addition to the swish factor, she has a huge Instagram following. A big Instagram following is an excellent way to increase brand awareness. This social media influencer has millions of followers.


After the split with his longtime partner Lucas Guimaraes a few days ago, Carlinhos has been in the news again. The couple fought a few days ago, and Internet users speculated that they were separating. The rumors, however, were soon dispelled after the duo showed Eliana a new apartment. The couple denied the reports, and fans were encouraged by the news.

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