Buy a proxy of a geo of interest: a way to bypass the blocking, which is in many ways superior to VPN

Many gamblers and fans of streaming resources are familiar with blocking bypass. In the CIS, they often block sites that are easy to access from other countries. Many technologies can be used to circumvent such sanctions, but proxy services and VPNs are especially popular among them.

And because of this, many people mistakenly believe that they work in about the same way. The resource will allow you to evaluate the advantages of a proxy. Using it, you can get to a site blocked in the CIS, but available for entry from other countries.

What makes this service different:

  1. guaranteed assistance in connection even for those who know absolutely nothing about computer settings
  2. many countries to choose from
  3. favorable terms of cooperation
  4. rent from month to year
  5. purchase of the required number of work addresses and many other advantages.

Provider technical support

There are a number of reasons why proxies and VPNs cannot be considered the same type of blocking bypass technology. To begin with, a proxy is a service, and a VPN is a program installed on a computer. It is very difficult to customize the program manually according to your needs. Even an “open” VPN, which does not involve installation, will have to be configured, and without someone else’s help.

Protecting your data online
In addition, a secure connection is important. After all, everyone is familiar, at least by hearsay, with cases of fraud with personal data. It is enough just to remember embarrassment throughout the country to understand what the loss of data is fraught with. The proxy is secure, it is protected by encrypting traffic using the HTTPS method. A program downloaded from the Internet can carry viruses and spyware.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with Proxy-Seller?

Many payment methods Can be obtained by IP list Cannot be tracked
Popular cryptocurrencies Download format of the list of addresses to choose from Complete anonymity on the network
Bank cards and other methods And many other convenient settings in your personal account Allows you to bypass the blocking of many resources and save personal information
Work that does not affect programs on the computer
The proxy does not affect the connection of programs to the computer and the Internet. It is a completely separate service, compatible with any software. And when using a VPN, access to the network itself is affected. That is, any actions on the Internet, one way or another, pass through it, roughly speaking, on top of the main connection.

Why VPN is not convenient for mobile

Many people even install VPN on gadgets. But at the same time, few people know how it affects traffic consumption and battery consumption. Most cellular network operators, of course, have unlimited rates. However, not every user can afford them due to their high cost. And going online for traffic through VPN, there is a risk of exceeding the limit and starting to pay huge amounts for packet megabytes, without even noticing these charges. In a word, the convenience of a VPN is greatly exaggerated for bypassing blocking.