Things That Can Help Optimize Your Fan Page

Facebook breaks an audience record; there are more than 2.2 billion active users globally; that is, it is indisputably the king among social networks. Here are things that can help optimize your fan page from fb guide.

Boost The Fanpage With Relevant Information

The first step to optimize a Facebook Fanpage is to analyze its entire structure. If you create a page from scratch, it is essential to follow the step by steps and fill in all the information fields correctly. If the page is already online:

  • check the information on the page. Ensure they are all filled in: category, name, description, address, opening hours, and phone number.
  • analyze the profile and cover photo, see if they are in line with the purpose of the page and if they are in the standard dimensions on Facebook;
  • check the information on the left sidebar, make sure it makes sense and is aligned with the goal of the fan page — “Home,” “Publications,” “About,” “Photos,” and “Videos” are the most sought after by users;

Invest In The Quantity And Quality Of Content

The Edge Rank is the algorithm that Facebook uses to define the content that will appear in each user’s timeline. It is based on three pillars: affinity, relevance, and time.

Affinity refers to how often the user visits and engages with fan page content. Relevance is tied to the popularity or engagement that page posts receive. And finally, the time of the post, which the older, the less relevant it will have, as well as the less likely it will appear in someone’s feed.

Therefore, the Facebook fan page must maintain the frequency of quality content production to increase the page’s reach, gain followers, and ensure engagement.

Invest In Social Network Features

To keep a Facebook fan page attractive, it’s essential to know who your fans are and make posts of genuine interest. This is obvious logic. But do you know who they are, what content they consume, and what times these people interact with your page? These and other information can be found on Facebook Insights.

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