Zonbase Review: Features

As more and more sellers enter the Amazon marketplace, the question of “Should I use FBA?” persists. “Will FBA fees put a hardship on my business?” is another. “Are Amazon FBA fees worth the money?” is another question. If you’ve recently pondered establishing a business, you’ve probably asked several additional variations of similar questions. And, to be honest, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this. Everyone’s risk tolerance is different, and what may be worthwhile for some may not be for others. It is important to know about is Zonbase Worth the cost?

What is Amazon FBA?

Before answering the question “are Amazon FBA fees worth the money?” we must first understand how Amazon fulfills orders. You have two options for completing your orders on AMZ. The first is Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM), which is often how third-party retailers handle their orders.

Sellers are the ones who pick, pack, wrap, and ship orders to their consumers using the FBM technique. They may have staff allocated to this responsibility. However, they do not use AMZ or its subsidiaries to assist with fulfillment. While this increases the setup’s flexibility, it can also be time-consuming. Consider having to ship and fulfill hundreds of orders at the same time.

Zonbase’s toolkit is divided into three main categories:

  • Product Development
  • Optimization of Sales
  • Optimization of Listings

Each area is dedicated to improving a certain aspect of Amazon’s company. This Zonbase review will go over the capabilities of each tool. When you sign up for Zonbase, you’ll have access to the following tools:

Product Research at Zonbase

You must have a firm foundation in your product research to get your Amazon business off to a good start. Finding low-competition, high-demand products is critical for building a lucrative Amazon store, and the Zonbase Product Research tools can assist you in this endeavor. Here are a few examples of the tools available in this category.

  1. Zonresearch

Zonresearch is a product research keyword that allows Amazon merchants to use powerful filters and presets to search the Amazon database for potential winning products. You can use this tool to search for items and phrases in various categories, then filter the results based on price, sales, revenue, and other factors. You can also use a filter that you’ve created yourself.

  • Extension for Chrome

This application aids Amazon FBA sellers in locating and validating product concepts. This is a browser add-on that allows you to access essential data and information goods already available on Amazon. This Chrome Extension goes deep into the Amazon database with just one click, providing real-time information on sales estimates, sales history, and other data that you can use to compare and choose the best Amazon product to sell.

  • Products in High Demand

This tool displays a list of Amazon’s Top 100 most gifted products with less than 30 reviews and an increasing sales trend. The Advanced Filter can also be used to laser-target categories even more precisely. This is an excellent place to start when looking for possible high-demand products in niches that aren’t yet crowded with sellers.

  • Estimator of Sales

As its name implies, the Sales Estimator is a program that generates a monthly sales report for a certain Amazon product. This is crucial for FBA sellers since it will show you how much money you may make in a month if you rank well for a specific product niche.