Hacks to improve the ranking in Google Algorithms

Not only money can help you to increase the ranking in SERP. Use of proper strategies and methods is also needed. When it comes to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, they are very objective for keywords, alt tags, and sitemaps etc. 香港 SEO experts provide the best strategies and methods that will definitely help to make your website rank in the top list of the search results of Google. Here are the tips that will help in improving the ranking –

Improve users’ experience

The main factors that influence the users’ experience are website visits, bounce rate, pages per session and time on site etc.  If your website will be attractive and easy to understand and provide relevant information more visitors will stay and that will positively affect your search rank.

Optimization of voice search

Voice search is the preferred method for asking questions and searching anything on the smartphone because it is convenient and makes searching easy even for the persons who are not very literate. So, it is important to make sure that voice searches find your business by using full sentenced phrases in a natural conversational style and tend to avoid the single keywords.

Avoid using flash

Do not include flash as Google lowers the site using Flash. Many small businesses use flash as they are cheap. When you switch to use wordpress by changing flashed – based sites, Google does not consider these websites because in this you cannot link pages individually.

Structure of URL

URL is used to determine the page rank. Therefore, it is essential to make them easy to search. For this, you can create short URLs and make them relevant according to the niche. While making URL also ensure that it helps the URLs in categorizing the site pages.